Bookable Dog Fields

Bookable Dog fields seem to be a common topic of conversation at the moment. Both with training clients, and also in casual dog walking conversation. I meet many people who share the same frustration with owners who let their dogs jump all over you and your dogs, and have no control.

Having access to a secure field to safely train and play, gives you time and space to perfect your recall, and also build your training confidence more generally. It’s also a great place to introduce and socialise new dogs in a controlled way.

Most dog trainers will know of at least one bookable dog field, and many dog walking companies have their own space, or book space for their dog walking clients.

‘Dog Walking Fields’ is a national listing site you can search for somewhere bookable near you.

There are a few things to consider before you book.

You may need to attend a registration session before you’re allowed to use the field. There will be terms and conditions for you to agree to and comply with.

You may be asked for your dog’s vaccination/titre test certification, and that you have third party insurance for your dogs. This insurance is usually included with your pet insurance, but you can take it out separately if you self-insure. I wrote a blog about insurance last year.

Charges are based on the length of booking and number of dogs, there’s usually a cap on the number allowed. You pay online at the time of booking and you will be given a padlock/ gate code to access the field. Many sites have CCTV installed for safety, and only allow you to book during daylight hours.

It’s your responsibility to check the space is secure (no gaps in fencing, and entrance gates are securely locked behind you) before you let your dog off lead. I tend to check the fencing is secure before releasing Jake and Truly, and again before we leave.

You can often book the space for 30 – 50 mins, and block book regular slots. Good sites allow buffer time between bookings, this gives you time to vacate before the next booking arrives. This is especially helpful if you are walking a reactive or nervous dog. It’s important therefore that you stick to your booking slot for this reason.

You’re responsible for picking up your dog waste (as always!), and if there isn’t a drinking water tap available on site, don’t forget to take your own (and a bowl). I also recommend a dog towel, some toys, treats, and waterproofs for you. Oh, and not many sites have bathroom facilities for humans, so make sure you go before you go!

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