This week I found two tiny teeth on the carpet. Zeke will have been teething for a while, but it’s the first teeth I’ve found. Puppies can swallow baby teeth when eating, which doesn’t cause them a problem.

Zeke hasn’t been chewing any more than usual. Knowing teething was going to be happening I’ve given him more frozen treats (easy to make) and filled frozen Kongs. The cold chews and the act of chewing helps. Zeke also has a huge assortment of robust rope toys and ‘legal’ chews to choose from. So far, everything else of mine has escaped his tiny teeth marks!

Labradors have 28 puppy teeth that make way for 42 adult teeth, underway until they are 7-8 months old. You can understand why puppies feel the need to chew!

I’ve not been cleaning Zeke’s teeth with a toothbrush yet, James our Vet suggested using something else so Zeke didn’t associate teething with his toothbrush. So instead, I’ve been getting Zeke comfortable with me looking in his mouth and ears, giving him plenty of rewards. I have given him little tastes of the liver toothpaste, which he loves! But I will wait a little longer before introducing the toothbrush. Relying on the rope toys to clean his teeth for now.

Dogs Trust have a great guide on dog dental hygiene.

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