It’s been really warm here this week, peaking on Friday with temperatures of 28c (according to my weather app).

I’m sure you’ve seen lots of advice on social media too, reminding us of the importance of keeping dogs (and other animals) protected from the heat. Walking early morning and late in the day. And yet, I’ve still seen people heading out with their dogs at lunchtime, ball chucker in hand. Ridiculous.

I’ve been walking Zene once a day early morning as I’ve found the pavements are still holding heat in the evenings. Instead, Zeke has been strolling in the garden when he needs the loo, and I’ve filled his pool for splash sessions instead. When I say ‘pool’ it is actually a kid’s sandpit hard base style, it’s about a metre long so I don’t think it will be big enough for long. But even then, it’ll last longer than the inflatable ones! I think the record before a puncture was less than five mins, when Leo once did a sprint turn whilst charging around in excitement.

Leo always loved the water. At the beach he was straight in and under the waves, Jake would paddle and stand serenely, Truly not at all interested. Zeke digs, splashes and ‘bites’ the water in his pool. Generally having a great time! Afterwards I towel him off, he crashes out and sleeps on the cool kitchen floor. Just as I plan to, although personally I prefer the sofa. But if it’s hot again tonight, I might just sit in Zeke’s paddling pool myself.

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