A Winter Nudge

As we’re heading into a cold snap this weekend, I thought I’d pop along with a couple of reminders 😊 and a photo from January this year.

Grit and salt

Grit and salt used on our roads and pavements in winter isn’t good for dog paws. It irritates their skin and can cause dryness and cracks on their pads. In the winter I pre fill the watering can with warm water before we go out, and I rinse Jake and Truly’s feet and legs before towelling them off when we get home. This primarily stops them trekking dirt into the house, but also prevents them licking and ingesting anything nasty they’ve picked up on their walk. I feed them after our walks, and they tend to lay in their beds grooming after they’ve eaten.


Whilst on a virtual canine workshop last year, I heard how dangerous even a very small amount of antifreeze is to dogs. Dogs can be attracted to the sweet taste. If ingested it can cause vomiting, dehydration, and increased urination, followed by acute renal failure. Definitely worth keeping clear of driveways and eye on the road when crossing.

The Kennel Club have some helpful information on keeping your dog safe in Winter. You can find it here.

Update on Jake

We’ve still not been walking far in the last week. If you read my blog of last week, you’ll know Jake has been struggling with leg pain and mobility. Since we received test results from our Vet James, Jake has been on antibiotics as well as his pain meds. I can see a slight improvement, but I know it takes time so I need to be patient. I have timers going off through the day to remind me which tablet is due, mainly to make sure I space them through the day for best effect. In the evenings Jake tells me he needs them. He walks up to the kitchen cupboard, looks at me and then looks back at the kitchen cupboard where they’re stored.  He’s so bright, but then of course I may be somewhat biased.

Have a great weekend

Until next time



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