Canine Cognitive Dysfunction – part two

Another week and I can see a marked difference in Truly. I’m not saying she’s her normal self, but I can see aspects of her personality emerging again.

In my last blog I talked about the strange new behaviours, those remain, but I will say she has good days and not so good days. This is what I use as my measure of the quality of her life.

Thankfully toileting outside is better, one or two accidents in a week is bearable. The night pacing is confined to early morning now. I make sure she has every opportunity to go outside in the garden right before bed, and a little snack seems to go down well. So far so good, and she’s now settling overnight. That’s a definitive relief for me!

Dogs with dementia can pace all night as they sleep all day, so in between Truly’s usual day time naps I provide her with activity to do. Sadly, even if she watches me hide something she can’t find it, so we walk around the garden ‘finding’ things I’ve already hidden.

I take both Jake and Truly on three shorter walks in the park, more of an amble around really. This gives them both plenty of quality opportunity to sniff, and provides them with additional mental stimulation.

Truly is still jumpy and wary, so I give her lots of notice before I touch her. I show her the harness before I put it on. I also keep her well away from other dogs, they seem to know something isn’t right and can be unpredictable.

Truly has been taking a supplement called Aktivait, as well starting on Onsior too. Both recommended by our fantastic Vet James. Her insurance company (Bought by Many) has been supportive too, so I’m really happy with the care she’s receiving.

We’ll continue to take each day as it comes.

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