First Aid

On Tuesday our Vet James was on TV (as the programme’s resident Vet) demonstrating First Aid techniques for wound management, and what to keep in your dog’s first aid kit. James’ dog Ollie was so good and didn’t seem at all phased by being on TV. I cannot imagine Jake or Truly being as calm. If you want to see it, you can find it on iplayer here

I took an accredited First Aid online course last year. I learnt about prevention, how to monitor your dog’s health, and what you can do on the way to the Vet after an incident. The course I attended was online and produced by Dr Sophie Bell, you can find out more here. There’s also a feline first aid course available.

This site has a handy list of items to buy, as well as a short explanation video. You can find both here. Top tip – don’t forget to label your dog’s thermometer!

The IMDT also runs an online First Aid course that’s suitable for trainers, walkers and owners. You can find out about it here 

If you’re looking for some helpful reading, PDSA and Blue Cross both have sections on their websites.

Some Vet practices run first aid and preventative care classes for owners, it might be a while before they return (given covid), but one to ask your Vet about.

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