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Far be it from me to spoil someone else’s fun, but I hate the noise. My dogs have all eventually tolerated it, but I have never left any of them to deal with it on their own.

All the main animal charities have advice on how to help your dog cope (and other animals) if you are looking for inspiration.

I thought I’d share some of the things that have helped my dogs over the years, not all dogs like the same things, especially when it comes to food and activity, so it may be a case of trying different things.

First top tip is Classic FM. It has a great Pet Classics show between 1700-2100hrs on 4/5 November and hosted by Charlotte Hawkins. It does mean sacrificing some TV for the humans, but it’s a good time for some reading or catching up on your social emails 😊

Something to slowly savour often helps distract, for example, you can pre prepare and freeze some tasty Kongs. If your dog has dry food you can soak in a little water, stuff the Kong and freeze overnight. Take it out 15 mins before you hand it over. You can add a few treats to the mix, or you can follow some tried and tested recipes. To avoid giving your dog an upset tummy, I’d stick with known foods at this late stage.

You can find some tasty inspiration here.

Jake, Leo and Truly absolutely loved cooked sweet potato and tuna, Leo could hear me opening a can of tuna of from outside! I bought the ones in spring water, and they were a treat.

Zeke particularly likes a layered Kong. He loves his fruit and veg, so I tend to mix a little with cooked sweet potato as a ‘glue’, sprinkling some treats in between. I’ve prepared five different Kongs and they’re in the freezer already. Zeke also has two extra large Yak bars stored away, nowadays they’re a £12 twenty min snack 😂 I remember when I had to take them off him after 30 mins, and it took him a few days to eat one.

Finally, if you aren’t sure about dog safe foods please take a look here.

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