Healthy Play

We met Cooper again for a play date. I honestly hope Zeke matures to be as balanced and well rounded as Cooper.

Zeke with his hormones raging, was somewhat full on. We let them run around for a while, and they took turns around the paw paddock. I did intervene when the balance of play changed to being Zeke in pursuit.

Play between dogs should be evenly balanced, with self-initiated breaks to keep arousal levels low, otherwise humans must intervene as I did with Zeke. Much to his disgust obviously, putting him back on the lead to give them both space to cool down.

I still have work to do with Zeke’s recall. as when he was totally focused on Cooper I had to call him (loudly) a few times to get his attention.

If you want to read more about healthy dog play, Victoria Stilwell shares more here.

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