Training Tools

Oh the joy to be back on my lovely laptop, the poor thing survived a coffee spill last year (half a mug all in the keyboard). And then last month I dropped it, it landed on the plug and shattered the screen. But… with the kind help from an IT savvy neighbour, it has a new screen and it’s back! Note, thank goodness for OneDrive (other cloud-based solutions are available).

Today I took Zeke for a harness fitting. I settled on PerfectFit because it comes in three parts, and I can upgrade the sections as Zeke grows. I had the same harness for Leo, as he had a very deep chest but tapered to a skinny waist. Harnesses need to be fitted, especially for puppies. Zeke will be entering his second fear period any time soon, and I really don’t want a badly fitting harness to put him off walking or being out and about. Or, the worst possible scenario ever, he slips his harness and runs off.


I’m excited to be going to puppy classes this weekend too. I’ve been getting all the things on the list together:

  • A collar and ID tag – legal requirement
  • A fabric, flat lead
  • A harness (if your dog is walked on one)
  • A blanket that smells of home
  • Treats – really tasty small ones, and some less exciting treats too
  • Toys – you can bring a selection, including your dog’s favourite (but please avoid squeaky toys).
  • A Kong or chew to help your dog settle down and relax at first.

I’ve seen the lesson plan, it was with the video I needed to watch before we attend, and we have a lot of ground to cover! But it will be great to work with Zeke 121, and be able to concentrate on giving him a great experience with other puppies around. Everyone there providing a controlled environment full of distractions to proof our training.

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I’ve been feeding Zeke his new foods on a slow


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