Out and About

Zeke has been doing really well out and about. I’ve been introducing him to people we know as it’s easier to manage the situation than telling a stranger how you want them to interact with your dog.

I ask friends and neighbours not to greet Zeke unless he has four paws and his bottom on the floor. He will present a sit when he wants something, which produces a treat. But if he jumps up, I ask them to turn away and ignore him. No eye contact either. So far, it’s working. I find once he’s met someone twice, Zeke knows that for attention and a treat he needs to sit. Work in progress though, I keep reminding myself he’s still so young.

We’re also walking a little further down the road, he doesn’t seem phased by traffic. A parcel van roared past us yesterday, but other than looking at me (I was deliberately looking away), he realised it was nothing to worry about and we carried on.

I’m working on him walking at the same pace on the same side, I found he would sometimes criss-cross (trip hazard!) so with treats I’ve been encouraging him to walk on one side. Lots to do obviously, but I’m very proud of how confident and unphased he is.

Now we’re out and about more, I find he naps for longer in the day too. He’s only waking once in the night to go to the loo, he’s managing six hour stretches. So much better than the 1-2 hours we started with!

As I type Zeke’s is fast asleep. We’ve been to see James the Vet this afternoon, lots of excitement and more positive vet and travelling experiences in the bag.

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