Safe Space

Those of you who camp or caravan will probably already know about the benefits of wind breakers. But, did you know there are dog safe ones too?

Camping on a busy site with three dogs needs military coordination and eyes in the back of your head. Especially when you’re at a dog event, with hundreds of other dogs there too!

We have windbreakers that hold the weight of Truly jumping up without falling over. You can find more information here.  We’ve had ours for over five years, and they still look like new. Well worth the investment.

If you look closely in the picture above, you can see Jake, Leo and Truly in their enclosure when we were camping together in West Wales, back in Sept 2017. A safe space for them to relax, and space for me to put my chair and chill with them.

Our set is 3m x 3m, and takes me around 20 mins to put up on my own. I also have a ‘gate’ which means it can be used as stand-alone safe place on a day out, or when we stay somewhere with an insecure garden.

I thoroughly recommend finding an outdoor safe space for your own dogs.

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