Hello, I’m Jen, a Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE) Certified Animal Behaviourist, MHERA™  Practitioner, and IMDT Dog Trainer.

With my own dogs since 1990, I qualified as an IMDT Dog Trainer in support of adopting and fostering dogs. My interest in dog rehabilitation further evolved through volunteering for rescue centres, latterly within their training and behaviour teams. Volunteering enables me to work one-to-one with a wide range of complex behaviours, and to experience cooperative care in a rehabilitation setting.

I offer behavioural consultations with a bespoke treatment plan for you and your dog.

I only use positive reinforcement – kind, reward-based training. Teaching new skills to dogs (and humans) as required. Whether it be learning to settle, calm confident walking, surviving the teenage years, coming when called, travelling in the car, happy vet visits, and general life enrichment whatever the age of your dog.

After an introductory chat, followed by a check with your vet to ensure your dog is healthy and pain free, I undertake assessments designed to evaluate your dog’s emotional and behavioural well-being. These assessments enable me to design a bespoke treatment plan for you and your dog.

I’m qualified, insured, DBS checked, and Canine First Aid trained. Contact me for further information, or for an informal chat about your dog. Fees are structured to be affordable and inclusve.

Thanks, Jen